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Times Change! Here Are Four Cleaning Tricks That Are Now Totally Outdated, In Our Opinion!

Not only do we take pride in providing our residents with high-quality living at Oxford at Crossroads Centre Apartments in Waxahachie, Texas, but we also believe that it is important to stay in touch. With our weekly tips and advice, we encourage you to stay connected with us, starting with these cleaning hacks that can be left behind with the year 2020.

For instance, modern technology has improved a lot of things, from how we entertain ourselves to how we keep up with chores and household duties. Just like we’re no longer washing every garment by hand, these days, Americans enjoy better cleaning appliances and other products that make quick work of cumbersome tasks. That’s why it should go without saying that these old-school cleaning myths should get the boot. Read on to discover a few popular cleaning myths and what you should do, instead.

Then: Pre-rinse dishes before loading the dishwasher.

Now: Dishwashers these days are more powerful than they used to be and are designed to eliminate stuck-on food. Simply scrape off any excess food before you load your machine. That being said, if you have a particularly dirty dish, it will probably benefit from a soak beforehand.

Then: Regularly sanitize your sponge to kill germs before using it.

Now: Sanitizing sponges sounds good in theory, but in reality, it’s much more difficult to kill bacteria than simply popping your sponge in the microwave and letting it warm for several seconds. Instead of sanitizing sponges, replace them every couple of weeks, or use a reusable dish brush.

Then: Use a dusting spray to rid your furniture and corners of dust.

Now: Did you know that dusting sprays can actually build up on your furniture over time, leaving a sticky residue that’s hard to remove and, ironically, collects dust? Skip the sprays altogether and eliminate dust with a microfiber cloth, which traps dirt and germs in addition to dust.

Then: Never use soap on cast iron.

Now: It used to be that soap was believed to remove the seasoning on the surface of your cast iron skillet, but these days, we know that that’s not the case, assuming that your cookware is properly seasoned. Still, it’s often easier to scrub with salt to remove grime before rinsing and drying it.

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