Always Using Your Smartphone? Here Is How to Tell If It Has Become a Problem for You!

Smartphones have made many aspects of life easier. You can shop online anytime you want. Getting directions to and from somewhere has never been more simple. You can even place a phone call to a friend, and actually, see their face when you talk to them. All of these capabilities are pretty mind-blowing when you consider how recently we were using landline phones only.

Yet, with all of the time people spend on their phones, it’s never been easier to develop a serious dependency on these devices. Here are 4 signs you may be using your device too often and should consider taking a digital detox or actively curbing your smartphone use.

You keep refreshing your email or social media apps.

A lot of us mindlessly check our email accounts and/or social media apps. Yet, you might have a smartphone dependency if you refuse to close the app after seeing the latest updates, and instead continuously refresh the screen. Come up for air by putting down your phone and taking a walk, cooking, or picking up a book.

You pick up your phone a few seconds after you put it down.

Are you having trouble keeping your phone in another room? What about on the table? If you’re habitually picking up your smartphone, just a few seconds after putting it down, you can be sure that your smartphone use has started to result in automatic muscle movements. Consider cutting back your use and you’ll notice that it’s easier to put down your phone and let it stay there.

People comment on your phone use.

Everyone uses their smartphones regularly, but when you use your phone so much, that others can’t help but comment on it, you can be assured that you’re probably using your device more than you should. Don’t forget: no one likes to talk to a brick wall, and that’s pretty much what you emulate when you refuse to put down your phone during a conversation.

You’re embarrassed by your "Screentime" or "Digital Wellbeing" results.

Modern smartphones have activity trackers built-in, meaning that they keep an ongoing record of your smartphone use over time – and, usually, they automatically share those results with you. If the sight of your weekly totals makes you want to bury your head in shame, you can take that as a sure sign that you should spend less time interacting with your phone.

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