Need to Go Shopping? These Stores and Restaurants Are Open Today!

Are you in need of a few household items? Want to make a batch of black-eyed peas for the new year, but don’t have enough supplies on-hand? Though New Year’s Day may be a federal holiday, a large handful of restaurants, stores, and grocery stores are operating normally (or slightly reduced) business hours today. Check out this handy list, which can be referred to for your New Year’s Day shopping!

Restaurants Open on New Year’s Day

• Applebee’s
• Burger King
• Denny’s
• Kentucky Fried Chicken
• McDonald’s
• Olive Garden
• Papa John’s
• Pizza Hut
• Ruby Tuesday
• Starbucks
• TGI Friday’s
• Waffle House

Stores Open on New Year’s Day

• Lowe’s
• Rite Aid
• Target
• Walgreens
• Walmart

Grocery Stores Open on New Year’s Day

• Kroger
• Albertson’s
• H-E-B
• Whole Foods

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