4 Unexpected and Fun Ways to Give the Gift of Cash This Holiday Season

Money is a timeless holiday gift. After all, just about everyone could use more of it, and this is only more accurate now, as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, many people shy away from giving money as gifts, because they believe that doing so is in bad taste or just plain boring. However, there are many unique ways to give money to someone you love this holiday season – without having to resort to stuffing a bill in a card! Check out these 4 great ideas.

Make it a surprise.

If you ask us, receiving money is always better when it’s a surprise. So, incorporate the element of surprise with this technique! Cut a paper towel roll to size and place it in the center of a small jar. Fill the jar with candy, without letting any candy enter the paper towel roll. That’s where you’ll use the “cubby” the roll creates to place a wad of surprise money.

Trick them with a candy box.

An assortment of chocolates is always a sweet gift, but one could say that giving the gift of cash is even sweeter! Trick your recipient into thinking they’re receiving a deluxe chocolate box by filling a candy box with coins or other non-monetary filler, like tissue paper. Then, arrange mini cupcake liners inside the box. Place bills in the cupcake liners for a visually striking “candy box” of cash!

Tie it to a festive figurine.

Inexpensive figurines and plastic animals can really upgrade how you give the gift of cash this season. Don't believe us? Try this trick. Simply coat an unwanted plastic animal figurine, nutcracker, or other items with gold glitter. Once dry, tie a tiny gift box to the figurine with ribbon. Add cash to the small box and voila – you have a magical money delivery method!

Add it to the front of a card.

Who says that you have to hide your bills when giving the gift of cash? Impress your recipient with a card that incorporates the money into its design! The sky is the limit here, but one simple way to achieve this is by arranging the bills into the shape of a tree and attaching each bill to craft paper using double-sided tape. Write your message inside the card and gift it as usual.

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