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7 Ways to Cut Your Food Bill

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Looking for ways to cut your budget? One of the easiest places to start is your grocery bill. Use these tips to help cut your monthly food spending down to size. 

1.Plan ahead: Check out the sales that grocery stores offer each week and plan your shopping list around those items. Try to shop only once a week. This helps avoid impulse shopping and it saves time driving to the store and waiting in line. 

2. Stick to your list: Stores have great techniques to get you to buy. Necessities like bread and milk are usually at the back of the store, forcing you to walk past the other items in the store. Items placed at eye level are great profit makers for the store. Sticking to your list means not buying items you don’t really need. But be flexible enough to pick up a good bargain if you see one. 

3. Find the best deal: Be sure to compare unit prices, bringing a calculator if needed. Consider trying a cheaper brand or the store brand of items you buy. Use coupons on items you would normally buy anyway. If you have the room to store a few extra items, stock up on the things you use often when they are on sale.  

4. Shop alone: The more shoppers you have with you, the more your grocery bill will be. Also, remember to always eat before you go, so your hunger doesn’t lead to unnecessary purchases. 

5. Save on convenience foods: Limit your purchase of convenience items and prepacked goods. Make your own “TV” dinners by freezing your leftovers. Package items for your kids’ lunches yourself. Make desserts and snacks from scratch. 

6. Cheaper dinners: Consider going vegetarian one or two nights a week. It’s cheaper and healthier, too. Having breakfast for dinner one night a week can also help keep costs in line. 

7. Check your receipt: Pay attention at the checkout counter and check your receipt before you leave the store for any scanner errors. Sometimes by pointing out the error, you will get the item for free.  

By planning carefully and watching for bargains, you can make a big dent in your grocery bill—leaving more money for the things you really want.

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