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Planning a Disney Trip? Here Are a Few Smart Ways to Save Some Money

With pandemic-related restrictions being lifted or lessened in some parts of the country, and millions of Americans now fully vaccinated, you may be itching to travel somewhere fun and magical, like Disney World. Disney parks are a popular choice for parents and grandparents who want to treat younger family members to a memorable vacation or indulge in all of the adult-friendly food, drink, and experiences that Disney has to offer. If you’re considering a trip to Disney World, check out these tips, which will help you make the most of your trip, while saving you some money along the way.

Book accommodations on the property.

Some may argue that staying off-property is cheaper than staying in a Disney hotel, but though Disney rooms might be a little more expensive, they also come with a range of accommodations that you simply can’t get at an off-site hotel. These include complimentary, around-the-clock shuttle service to every Disney park and another shuttle that will take you to and from the airport. In other words, when you stay on-site, you won’t have to worry about parking or car rental fees in the slightest.

Buy tickets to the parks up-front.

Like many other attractions, you’ll pay less in daily costs if you buy a pack of park tickets ahead of time. Right now, tickets for a single-park day pass start at $109.00 per person aged 10 and up, but if you extend your stay to three days, you’ll immediately take $4.00 off each ticket. Stay five days, and you’ll only pay $83.00. You’ll also avoid increasing entrance fees if you buy your tickets as soon as you know you’re going. The parks increase the fees every year, so buying at the right time could save you money.

Don’t forget about free activities.

While it's true that most Disney attractions require payment, there are still plenty of things to do while you’re there that don’t cost anything. Even if you aren’t staying there, you can walk around the property at Animal Kingdom Lodge and look for resident zebra, giraffe, gazelle, and flamingoes. Visit Fort Wilderness for a campfire sing-along with Chip ‘n’ Dale and an outdoor screening of a Disney movie. You can also head to Disney Springs and take a free boat ride from one side of the boardwalk to another.

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