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These 3 Feng Shui Instagram Influencers Will Make You Excited About the Practice!

Feng shui is making a comeback in 2021. The philosophy focuses on arranging the pieces in your living space in a way that creates balance with the natural world and, in turn, brings harmony to your life. As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that you want nothing more than to restore order to your personal life, and where better to start than with feng shui? In fact, there is a handful of helpful feng shui Instagram accounts that you can follow to begin acclimating to the practice. Here are a few of our favorite feng shui “influencers” to find on the social media platform.

Patricia Lohan (@LohanPatricia)

If feng shui intimidates you, don’t worry – the practice isn’t about robbing the joy from your lifestyle. For proof, look to Patricia Lohan’s Instagram account. The feng shui influencer and author of “The Happy Home” fill her feed with cheerful posts alongside captions that contain helpful tips about getting into the practice. She also links her YouTube channel, so you can follow her more closely on that platform.

Amanda Gibby Peters (@AmandaGibbyPeters)

One of the best things about Instagram is its ability to make learning fun. Like learning a new recipe or health hack, learning about feng shui is something you can definitely accomplish on social media. Amanda Gibby Peters makes it easy, with aesthetically pleasing graphics that outline easy ways to quickly declutter your home and quotes that will inspire you to get started ASAP.

Jayme Barrett (@JaymeBarrettLifestyle)

We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t sometimes turn to Instagram for a much-needed dose of escapism. That’s why we love Jayme Barrett’s presence. Her grid is filled with fantastic images from her travels alongside thoughtful images that focus on the feng shui lifestyle. She also shares a lot of illustrated posts and quotes that will help you refine your practice.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – just ask the team at Oxford at Crossroads Centre Apartments in Waxahachie, Texas. By passing along this information, we hope to inspire you with new ideas, projects, and goals, too.

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